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Spray anytime in any room to enjoy all the benefits from the essential oils.

State Of Mind: contains Rosewood & Lavender to turn your room into a relaxing and inviting place. The addition of Bergamot Oil essential oil will uplift and leave you feeling refreshingly relaxed, while our organic Calendula Extract is the ultimate calming presence for your space.

Deep Sleep: Containing Valerian Extract & Roman Chamomile to help you turn off from your days activities, this mist will help you let go and rest completely. You can rest easy and dreaming peacefully after just a few sprays of this mist.

In Tune: Containing Peppermint & Gingko Extract this mist assists in boosting your energy levels while clearing your mind to help make it easier to concentrate throughout the day.

MeditationMeditation Mist is a mindful essential for your toolkit. This mist is specially blended with essential oils targeted to help you relax, recenter and connect. Spray this mist in your meditation space before and after you meditate. Alternatively, keep handy in your bag and spray in your area when you feel like you just need a little more zen in your life.


Lady Devine: An all rounder, use this mist to lift your hearts energy and open it to further love and discovery. With organic rose essential oil and organic Passionflower Extract this light scented mist will uplift your home and turn your space into a bright positive environment.

No Bad Vibes: Feeling tired, clogged, grumpy, moody, sad or aggravated? Spray this revitalising mist a few times in your aura or room to help cleanse the space of any hanging negative energy. Now with added sage extract this mist is the perfect energy clearing tool for your home.This mist is a good size for your handbag for any unexpected encounters where you need a little help to re-centre.

Dreamer: The Chinese Herb Zizyphus has been used for a very long time for its ability to keep an individual in a state of deeper sleep. Increases the amount of REM sleep which is the time when you remember and have the most vivid of our dreams. Spray in your sleeping space and it may increase the frequency and intensity of your dreams.

Awaken: Mandarin and Lemon Myrtle essential oil enriched with Green Tea Extract will awaken your bones and have you swinging from the roof tops in no time.If you’re looking for something to make you more alert, uplift your soul & make you smile from ear to ear, this mist will have you buzzing.

Healing: Magnesium is essential for your body to function at peak performance. Physical activity, a weekend with one too many wines (never), can leave our bodies depleted of this underestimated super mineral.Use this mist to reduce restless legs and add back some of the essentials into your life and enjoy that wine guilt free. 
Aphrodisiac: Late night tales under the milky way until dusk becomes dawn, you call me your Lady Divine, I call you my Aphrodisiac. Let the subtle notes of Ylang Ylang pressed against the sweet under tones of Patchouli come together like a medley of unspoken love letters.

Chakra Balance: Open all 7 of your chakras and let this Chakra Balance Mist clear your energy centres. By balancing your chakras, we can create harmony within ourselves and intertwine our mind, body & soul. Set your intentions, talk to the universe & most importantly trust in your intuition.

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